Online chat room seksi - Advantages and disadvantages of consolidating debt

by  |  20-Oct-2018 13:57

The article titled, “The Dos and Don’t of Loan Consolidation,” talks to consumers explaining how debt consolidation may not always work as advertised.

The article starts off by highlighting the importance of a credit score.

At the end of the day, their advice is free and you have nothing to lose but a little of your time.

A credit score can sum up the consumer’s financial habits in three numbers.

It can be as low as 300 which translates to a bad credit score, to as high as 850 which equates to an excellent score.

But before going ahead and putting all the balance from one card to another, the article suggests knowing all the details of the promo.

The consumer might overlook that the zero percent rate is just for a few months, and that the regular rate is more than the previous credit card.

The problem is when most individuals use consolidation they find out they can borrow more money at a lower interest rate and keep their payment the same.

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