by  |  08-Jan-2018 00:49

They may have been advised by some feminists, Jewish or otherwise, but it's been white men passing laws in this country. As it turns out we tend to go for the alpha sort though.

They can join us or not in our campaign to turn things around for our white nations but WE WILL do it with or without them. I'm of the opinion that once the men get things going, the women will jump on board.

I just think it's important that we call a spade a spade.

It's pretty much only on the internet that I see all of this whiny MGTOW "betacuck" nonsense. Overall the woman-bashing just tends to dissuade women and fence-sitters from joining up so in the end it's your slimy and counterfactual rhetoric that hurts the cause rather than uppity women.

One of our race's biggest obstacles is going to be to heal our deracinated peoples and to make it "OK" for White men to be White men, and for White women to be White women again.

It's a culture problem rather than a scary woman-dominated legal system problem.

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