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But stop back in and let us know how it works for you. I have to agree with Anthony and the suggetions of others with some recovery in NA.... we sat down and talked and she decided need to take a brake for a bit but still be together. at treatment and her familys they like brain washed her into thinking that coming back to our house we bought and being around me WELL make her relapse. ...hopefully enough to know that recovery needs to come first! I dunno.....if you love the gal,,,and really want recovery...know what to do---ask your sponsor. There is a perspective that you already have picked up.

Yeah we both have 34 days now and she really confused me today. she had had just over a year clean before she relapsed and I just a month then... ...ahh,,good to hear you're both connected to the NA program!

When I came back to recovery, I made a decision to stay out of romantic entanglements for 2 years... He feels the same way about the comfort and touch of a woman. she just got home from treatment and its like they brain washed her in there.... The first one was at about 4 months clean and did not go very well. The second one began at 11 months clean and has lasted since then (we've been happily married almost 26 years and I've been clean throughout). The bottom line is that if you have a relationship your recovery still has to come first.

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We all have to learn our own lessons, by ourselves.

I don't know you; I'm not your sponsor and so I really don't have an opinion on what YOU should do - really.

Just like how pot made me "complete", I know that men do the same thing for me.

Because the affair will keep them from working on themselves.

I am currently dating the man of my dreams, who is in Na (well tries to be, he doesn't like it much) whom has had a recent-ish relapse 5 months ago.

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