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[ October 2003 ] Under this regulation the Commission may backdate a renewal claim one week to establish the effective date of that renewal.

In other words, the effective date of a renewal will be the Sunday of the week prior to the week of application, provided it is to the claimant's advantage to do so.


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In response to this reality the Commission introduced the administrative policy or rule as follows: For initial and renewal claims, the claimant is deemed to have filed in a timely manner when the application for benefit is made no later than four calendar weeks following the calendar week in which: Even though renewals do not require an interruption of earnings, the principles of the interruption of earnings for initials will be used in applying the administrative rule to renewal claims.

Under the administrative policy the Commission considers any application within this four week period to have been filed in the week of the interruption of earnings or in the last week worked or the receipt of WLI or WC benefits end.

A claimant who files in the fifth week or beyond must prove good cause for the full period, i.e., for the full 5 weeks.

The administrative policy will also apply to subsequent claims.

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