Dating louis vuitton

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Meaning if you run your finger over it, you will not feel any texture.

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It seems to be on its way to fly off the wallet, then takes a hard right away from the edge (circled), and attempts to get back on course. Note: This second image (left) is much the same as the first, except in this stitch line, it seems to veer too far into the center of the wallet, and then takes an abrupt vertical leap to get back on course along the edge of the wallet.

Both stitching mishaps are virtually unnoticeable from the original overhead images.

This would mean 1667 would be the 16th week of 1967 ?

And the M6 does not exist as a county code (CC), and only has one letter, not two.

The pattern (LV I) looks a little right shifted, but other than that, this is a basic picture a buyer may find in many pre-ownded Louis Vuitton Listings.

Dating louis vuitton

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