East asian american women and white men prejudice interracial dating

by  |  25-Sep-2017 20:09

The thread concerning Nordic women who have a hard time finding men got me thinking about a similar problem for Nordic men.

I'm a Nordic looking male with dark blonde hair and blue eyes and my current girlfriend, who has blonde hair and green eyes recently brought up a topic of weird Asian fetish for the Nordic look.

However, you do hear in the media about isolated instances of hate crimes against Asians but this is not common.

Ever notice all those Asian ravers and fan-boys that dye their hair blonde and wear blue contact lenses?

Ever notice far too many Asian women dating blonde men?

The evil desires of East Asian women to make whiter babies is one of the reasons why the blondest haired, bluest eyed, fairest skinned, etc. White Babies (That's What I Want) [Parody of 'Money (That's What I Want)' by The Flying Lizards.] [Spoken in East Asian broken English.] The best things in life are free But you can give them to the birds and bees I want White babies That's what I want. And with few exceptions, my lovers have been white in the whitest sense of the word: conspicuously light-haired and light-eyed.

These relationships with White men are strictly business transactions exchanging fake love for whiter babies. I want White babies Just give me your White sperm I will pretend to love you long time Im Filipino, but every boy Ive bedded has been white.

People would come up to me and stare with curiosity.

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