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Of course, sometimes people just don't feel like hooking up, but if he's playing that card all the time, it might be because he's getting busy with someone else.Source: Shutter Stock The dude I cheated with was maybe the best liar I have ever met in my entire life.(Note that if your BF is only exhibiting one of these signs, that doesn’t automatically mean he’s a cheater.) cheat.

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And other times, he might be super distant and angry. Source: Shutter Stock It sounds weird, but it's true.

He might seem like he doesn't want to be near you or he might yell at you for little things. Sometimes when people cheat, they start to get really jealous of the partner they're cheating on because they're projecting their feelings of guilt. If he was never jealous before and now he starts demanding to know who you're talking to, what you're doing and who you're going to be with, you may have to wonder why.

We get a lot of questions from you girls asking how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

While I don’t want to make you super suspicious or nervous, I do think it’s important to know some of the telltale signs of cheating in order to protect yourself.

And usually, you’ll know, but you won’t want to admit it to yourself.

Flip me dating

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