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Version 9.0.3 (Build 5911) Released 25 January 2017 1.

Fix: Win Gate Management: Fixed display issue with categories containing special characters 2.

Fix: Activation: fix crash where user deactivates a license where the product is not loaded (e.g. Fix: Installer: check for existence of KB2533623 on Windows 7, this is required for Win Gate to load modules (normally installed by Windows update) 4.

Fix: Win Gate Updates: Fixed notification of new updates, now always notify on new updates. Fix: Minidump generation: Fixed an problem relating to generation of minidumps without exception information. Fix: Application Experience: Fixed an issue where in some cases install instance ID not available Version 9.0.1 (Build 5906) Released 29 December 2016 This is an early maintenance release, fixing bugs reported by the Application Experience feature in Win Gate 9. Fix: Win Gate Engine: Fixed engine crash when Win Gate Management connects where there are no packages installed (can happen if you delete packages registry key after installing Win Gate). Fix: Win Gate Management: fix crash where user hits F1 key on login, or language setting dialog box if they had previously connected to Win Gate 3.

Fix: AD Connector: Fix auto-reported crash relating to enumeration of inter-trusted domains missing certain DNS information. Fix: AD Connector: Fix occasional encoding problem for some arguments in LDAP queries. Fix: Help system: Fix auto-reported crash if fails to load 6.

Fix: Schema script: Fix auto-reported crash if script does not include enough operands for various operators 7.

Fix: DNS server: Fix crash on race condition if sessions were set to time out too short.

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